Analisis Kehandalan Kinerja Magnet Separator Terhadap Material Logam yang Bersifat Feromagnetik di PT. Bukit Asam Tbk, Unit Pelabuhan Tarahan

Agus Santoso, Afrizal Rahmat Marzuki, Yenni Afrida


In supporting operations for the coal loading and unloading process at the Main Port Equipment (APU) both from unloading equipment to the stockpile and from the stockpile to the ship through the medium of transporting coal cargo. The cargo conveying media used is a belt conveyor, every coal sent or transported must be strictly maintained in quality and quantity. One of them is the absence of metal materials that are carried away, for example, iron, steel, cobalt and so on. Because this aims to maintain the performance and trust of consumers or stakeholders. At PT. PT. Bukit Asam Tbk to separate foreign material carried by the belt conveyor uses what is called a Magnet Separator. Therefore, an analysis of the performance of the separator magnet is carried out as a detection of foreign materials on the conveyor. The purpose and benefits of analyzing the performance of this system is to know the reliability of the separator magnets used in the company and be able to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the analyzed device. The methods used in this study are literature study, experimental and implementation. The results of this study can also be concluded that the separator magnet currently attached to the C2 belt conveyor unit functions well and can be used to secure foreign materials during operation. The magnitude of the magnetic field depends on the distance of the point under review. The farther the smaller the magnetic field and vice versa.


Magnet Separator, Conveyor

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